11/22/2020 Project: 'Privacy in the time of Corona'

Active citizens fund

Successful management of the Coronavirus pandemic is partly based on establishing new practices on gathering and processing citizens' sensitive data. 'Privacy in the time of Corona' aims to safeguard citizens' fundamental and digital rights, inform relevant independent and political institutions on current deficiencies and illegalities of epidemiological data processing practices and facilitate the collaboration of NGOs in the area of digital rights and privacy.

Politiscope's expert team will create a series of policy briefs that focus on the legality of epidemiological data processing practices, work of the Agency for Data Protection applications for ‘online school’, the Government's app for contact tracing, web sites of online media outlets. Policy briefs will be distributed to members of the parliament and the government, local and international civil society organizations, professional associations and media. Advocacy activities aim to raise citizens' awareness on digital rights and deficiencies in the work of independent institutions that are supposed to safeguard those rights.

‘Privacy in the time of Corona’ project is funded by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway through the EEA Grants and Norway Grants in the amount of 4.973 €.

Privacy in the
time of Corona
Project duration:
Awarded grant: 
4.973 euro
Active Citizens Fund
(Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway)