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Civil society organizations – cooperation

Politiscope aims to cooperate with local, European and international organizations in protecting privacy, safeguarding rule of law and reigning in the influence of IT giants through advocacy, research and education activities.

Politiscope is open to contributing as a partner in projects dealing with digital rights (privacy, data protection, ethical software development, artificial intelligence regulation), rule of law (anti-corruption, access to information, conflict of interest, ethics, participatory decision-making, civic space), democratic political culture (digital literacy, conspiracy theory, online hate speech, extremism) and innovative forms of e-activism (content production, development of digital solutions).

Civil society organizations – support

If privacy and digital rights of your beneficiaries and target groups are violated, Politiscope will provide expert support in addressing the data protection authority and conducting advocacy actions. We stress that at the moment Politiscope does not have the capacity to provide support to civil society organizations in GDPR compliance of organizations and project activities.

Expert community

Politiscope is a privacy watchdog organization, bringing together experts in data protection practice and law. If you are an attorney at law, entrepreneur, developer or programmer interested in privacy and ethical software development – join our privacy community.


Development of privacy-by-design digital solutions and innovative forms of e-activism are one of Politiscope’s main strategic activities. Politiscope welcomes non-profit cooperation with companies that deal with developing digital solutions and digital marketing, and aim to further enhance their corporate social responsibility.


If you are a citizen whose privacy and digital rights have been violated by private companies or public bodies, Politiscope will provide support when addressing the data protection authority or contacting the data controller.


Duje Prkut (Politiscope Executive Director, based in Zagreb) and Duje Kozomara (Assistant Executive Director, based in Split) are available for statements, interviews, radio and TV appearances. Their contacts will be provided upon request.


Politiscope’s Copyright Policy

Any and all original material on Politiscope website may be freely distributed at will under the Creative Commons Attribution License. It is appreciated if you make it known where the file originated.

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