10/30/2020 Privacy Policy


The primary goal of Politiscope is to protect the privacy of citizens as their fundamental human right.

From this perspective, we also approach the protection of the personal data of our visitors: we collect your data exclusively if you want to become our newsletter subscriber or contact us via e-mail.

We keep the data in the shortest possible period necessary to perform these purposes, and share it exclusively with trusted privacy-oriented partners.



Our website does not use cookies - small text files that are stored on the user's device and, among other purposes, are often used to track user behavior on the Internet.


  • Data: e-mail address
  • Purpose: Sending a newsletter to subscribers
  • Legal basis: Consent
  • Processing time: when you request to unsubscribe, your email address is completely deleted from our database


  • Data: e-mail address, e-mail content
  • Purpose: Answering the query
  • Legal basis: Execution of the service
  • Processing time: Maximum 6 months from the last communication



Politiscopes’ data subjects have the opportunity to exercise the right to:

  • Access to personal data
  • Correction of incorrect data
  • Data portability
  • Deletion of personal data
  • Processing restriction
  • Filing objections to the processing of personal data

You can request the exercise of these rights:

  • by sending an email to the e-mail address: politiscope@protonmail.com
  • by sending a request to the physical address: Kruge 43, 10000 Zagreb

! You can also contact us via e-mail for all other inquiries related to the collection and processing of data by the Politiscope, but also if you need any assistance related to the protection of personal data.

We respond to all requests within 15 days.

You can send an objection to certain data processing to the national supervisory body for personal data protection: the Agency for Personal Data Protection (AZOP), at the address: Selska cesta 136, 10 000 Zagreb; mail address: azop@azop.hr



We use exclusively the services of trusted privacy-oriented companies.

As a mail service, we currently use the open-source, privacy by design service Protonmail from Proton Technologies AG, which includes end-to-end encryption of emails you send us.

The servers of our website are located in Croatia.

The data collected via the web is protected by an SSL certificate, a technology that encrypts the connection between our server and your internet browser, ensuring that no third party has access to the data you leave us.


Last updated: 10.2.2021.

Privacy Policy
Data Controller:

NGO Politiscope

Kruge 43, Zagreb

OIB: 14997958635

contact: politiscope@protonmail.com